Wednesday, December 22, 2010

About ‘Zuhair Mehdi’

This is ‘Syed Zuhair Mehdi’ who is non except the slave of Allah and Ahl-e-bait. It’s really a hard nut to crack to judge your own personality and to reckon about your own sentiments and thoughts because words never do justice with our emotions. I tried my level best to write about me which should not be contrary but totally depict myself but still target is not achieve. 
Firstly, I want to illustrate about my habits. I am taciturn and emphasize to speak less rather than being talkative. That is why I don’t like useless confabulation. I spend my most of time on computer and net because it’s my passion and great source to make friends and many informative discussions are held between us. Friends are the important part of my life. I focus on keeping myself busy in any activity rather than wasting of time in trifling matters. Besides chatting my mostly spare time in designing cards, serving Islam and leading pages etc. I also some time like to watch TV mostly news, political talk shows and other informative programs. 
I am not so mode. According to me Simplicity is the best ornament of mankind so; I always give the preference to spend my life into simple way. I don’t judge the personality by the fabricated appearance and never be attracted by the first glance of beauty. These all are apparent and mortal. My real motive is to search the beauty of character. I don’t like diplomatic and selfish people and those who have superiority complex. In my view, these all are the flaws of our character. We always want to rectify our personality apparently but never ponder to remove the spiritual errors. May Allah guide us always to the path of blessings and good fortune. 
Now, something i would like to share about my personnel life. I love my family very much. I try to engage myself with my siblings and share my happiness with them and celebrate many important events with them. I take care of my parents and love them a lot. Whenever I get spare time my main incentive is to help my family through many ways; cooking, doing home chores etc. I oppose this traditional thinking of our society that women are only for serving home. I prefer to work together. 
One my hankering desire is to visit holy places. As I spent a lots of year of my life into sacred land of Medina Munawwara. I am still desirous to visit Iraq, Iran and Sham. I always have a grief if I did not be able to visit once in life. I belong to a religious family. My ambition of life is same as all the Muslims should have is to lay down my life forsake of my religion. I like word ‘Martyr’ linked with my name. If it does not happen, I will die in love and devotion of AHL-E-BAIT a.s it is equal to martyrdom. May Allah strengthen my feet on the straight path under the guidance of Descendants of prophet [peace be upon him & his progeny] and clouds of blessing always remain on my head.
Zuhayr ~ Zuhair ~ Zohair ~ Xuhair ~ zu-hair ~ "small blossoms" ~ Xohair ~ Zoohair ~ Mehdi ~ Mahdi زهير ~ مهدي ]


  1. Congratzzz.. Thats a great way to bring awareness through your blog.. God Bless You! Wish you all the best!!

  2. Thanks.. May Allah Bless you too..

  3. AOA Zuhair Bhai,
    MashaAllah, I can see the making of wonderful blog in here. Thank you for starting this.
    Salam and Dua.

  4. Masshallah.... good step... carry on.... carry on... May Allah bless you....

  5. @ Syed Hassan Tirmizi..
    waAlaikom Salaam. Most Welcome Brother.
    May Allah Bless you..

  6. @ viquar
    May Allah Bless you too..

  7. As you asked I visited your page , Go ahead and do good for you and your community .
    Where do you live ? 4-5 years back I visited my sister , she lives in Gulshan e Iqbal may be you know her son Mujahid and son in law Sohail.Their childrens are all on facebook I have my cousins there all very senior retired people whom I had seen when we were very young in 40's then during my last visit when we were all old and retired with a gap of 60 years or so . Best Wishes and best regards