Peace and Love

Love is the doorway through which the human soul passes from selfishness to service and from solitude to kinship with all of mankind. 

Life is actually a barren soil, it can be fertile through the love, then seed of peace and calmness flourishes. The reason for the existence of this world lies hidden in love, which is nothing without a peace. 
Love and Peace are both incapable like two beams in one pot. Love is actually to care for someone, when the care extends the love touches the sky of peace, but we all have forgotten the lesson of humbleness, we all have disguised our soft heart in the dress of oppressors and tyrants, we are snatching the rights of others, we are shedding the bloods of innocent people cruelly, because we have forgotten our worth and values. If we experience something bad, we try to make it harsher for others, that’s because we have neglected the basic foundation stone of this world i.e. love. We should remember that:
“Any one can love rose but it takes heart to love leaf.”
Whilst the spell of love prevail the flowers of peace blooms, so live lively in the valley of true love of human being and attains the eternal peace and joy. 
Although, we are honored to be created as superior creators but our performance is worse than the beast. We have eradicated the Love, Affection, Humbleness, Devotion and Sympathy from our lives and have become arch enemy of one another. If we strive to implement the characters that give us the reverence and prestige, which is love, then everywhere fragrance of the peace and prosperity is being dispersed. The world which is filled with irony and tyranny will give the reflection of paradise because;
“When Love comes up hatred goes down, when the hatred goes down the peace come up”. 
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